Energy Blues LLC (EBH) - Code of Conduct.


  1. EBH contractors agree to hold all the information they receive from a customer, both privileged & confidential. This to be excepted if the information is or becomes known in the public domain. Standard definitions of confidential information apply.

  2. EBH contractors may or may not have confidentiality agreements with prior employers. The EBH contractors will not disclose any information that they obtained from previous employment if such disclosure is prohibited by such agreements.

  3. EBH contractors are experienced professionals who will always endeavor to provide the best information possible to customers. They will provide the best answers to all questions & best effort in all activities. However, because it is difficult to know all elements of a situation, warranties and guarantees cannot be given as to the ultimate correctness of the information that is delivered.

  4. EBH contractors will not promote other businesses, companies or interests. EBH is not sponsored by any commercial organization and its members will seek to be neutral when talking about different Energy Storage enterprises.

  5. EBH contractors may pursue consultancy interests that they have developed outside of EBH with no obligation to EBH or its members. However, contractors are expected to act in good faith regarding customers they have found themselves and those that came through EBH.

  6. If a customer should seek to employ a contractor who it became acquainted with through EBH this hiring is allowed upon payment by the customer to EBH of a 20% of first year base salary as an appropriate headhunting fee.

  7. Contractors will hold privileged information about EBH confidential and will not share with anyone outside of EBH without prior permission.

  8. In starting work with EBH each contractor agrees not to go and set up a rival consultancy group to EBH or to be an owning member of such an organization.

  9. Contractors warrant that information that they supply to EBH regarding their skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications is accurate, true & presented without inflation or hyperbole.

  10. Contractors agree to treat each other with respect, integrity & fair mindedness. Exhorting each other with customers is good. Speaking badly about another contractor to a customer is unacceptable and may lead to dismissal from the Cooperative.

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