As alkaline batteries became a commodity, I, along with colleagues from Duracell, moved on in our careers to work in other Energy Storage areas, on commercial and industrial applications and on battery chemistries that are now at the forefront of this new Energy Storage revolution. Battery technology is intriguing,  past problems should not be repeated and there is an abundance of new markets for Energy Storage. 
Today, with over 1 billion people still without electricity and global warming threatening not just our climate but so many other things, working on Energy Storage is one of the most meaningful things that any of us could be doing.  In those early days of alkaline we made lots of mistakes, but we also learnt a lot and with the stakes so much higher now what greater purpose could there be for a battery veteran, like me, than to do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of mistakes being made.
All the above are good reasons to start Energy Blues LLC, but my last reason is as simple as it is romantic. Captured in stories such as the Four Musketeers, the Magnificent Seven and even Star Wars it is great to be able to seize the opportunity to work with some great people once again! People I know, people I trust, people I respect and people who will help us all push Energy Storage forward further than it has ever gone before.
I once stood up at a business conference and pronounced that “Batteries are Boring”, but this was doing batteries a big disservice because truth is this, “component category”, has kept me fed, watered, clothed, interested and engaged now for 34 years. Batteries are continually re-inventing themselves, finding new enabling technologies that can solve a perennial problem or stumbling upon a new device that becomes that battery technology’s next “killer application". This is one reason that I was motivated to start Energy Blues LLC, but there are several other equally important reasons. I cut my teeth as a young battery scientist for Duracell in the early, heady days of alkaline and making better, cheaper, safer AAs for toys, clocks and radios was the name of the game in those days.
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